[SOLD] Colnago C96 Rabobank Team paint scheme

SOLD 08/2022

This Colnago C96 just arrived from Netherlands. Rabobank team paint scheme.

Seat tube (A) = 55 cm (C-C), 57 cm (C-T)
Top tube (B) = 55.5 cm (C-C)
Head tube (D) = 14.1 cm
Rear spacing = 130 mm
Columbus Thron Super tubes

Eddy Merckx Corsa-01

Starting the restoring process on this Eddy Merckx Corsa-01.

Size 51. White pearl with read and blue lines.

Zerouno Acciaio 18 MCDV6 tubing

Campagnolo Athena components.
Braze-ons for STI or Ergopower cable guides on the side of the head tube.

Decoded serial number:
HC0 G766
H – EMC employee
C – Corsa
0 – frame size (50cm)
G766 – serial number, frame built in early 1996
The downtube and seat tube are ovalized at the bottom bracket for extra stiffness.

Decoding Eddy Merckx frames

Eddy Merckx Bottom Bracket. Corsa (C) size 50 (0) early 1996 (G). EMC employee “H”.

The symbols to the left of the BB cover (“technical”) are divided into 3 categories:

  • A letter denoting the EMC employee responsible for the final “smoothing” of the frame before painting (A,B,F,G,M,P,T,D,Y,L,N,J,S,H,K, unusual 0, ^)
  • A number indicating the length of the seat tube in cm measured c-c (for example 2 means 52 or 62, 8 means 48 or 58)
  • Letters indicating tube type, geometry or model:
    R = Reynolds 531
    C = Corsa
    X = SLX/SPX
    CX = Criterium
    TT = TSX
    M = Strada (Matrix/Cromor)
    TTB = Century TSX
    XB = Corsa Extra SLX century geo
    WW = Strada since 1992

The symbols to the right of the BB cover (“statistical”) form a serial number, it consists of a letter and a set of digits. A letter means another series of frames, a number is another frame in the series (001-9999). The exception is the production from 1980 (there is no letter, and in the prototypes even digits, and there are just over 1000 of them).
E – 1981-1984
Z – 1984-1986
A – 1986-1988
B – 1988-1990
C – 1990-1991
D – 1992-1993
F – 1994-1995
G – 1996-1998
H – 1998-2000
J – 2001-2002
K – 2002-2004
L – 2004-2006
P – 2006-2008

In addition to such markings, there are unusual ones:
CS – Capri Sonne
ED – Europ Decor
W – Winning ?
KE – Kelme
HL186P – Hans Lubberding 1986 Pista (Panasonic) and similar – his teammates

Model Weight Chart




[FOR SALE] Colnago Superissimo SLX 1988 – Superconfex team

Restoration work finished in: 12/2021

Original white/green retinato superconfex team paint design: This rather unusual white and green colour scheme with “retinato” webbing pattern is the paintjob of the Dutch team Superconfex. It was the famous predecessor of Buckler, Rabobank and Jumbo Visma teams.

Superconfex team

Size: Top Tube 55cm (center to center). Seat Tube 55cm (center to center). Head Tube: 13cm.

ALL Campagnolo Chorus 1st Gen components.

Columbus SLX Reinforced tubing (photos of the SLX riffling visible on the bottom bracket are available).

Frame weight: 2010 grams. Perfectly straight.

Additional details: Headset (Campagnolo Super Record), Handlebar/Stem (Cinelli Gir D’Italia), new Rims (Mavic CXP Pro), new Tyres (Continental Ultra Sport II), Saddle (Selle San Marco).

Colnago Catalogue reference

La Hispano France

Nota: Esta bicicleta fue robada. Cuadro Hispano France grabado. Nro de serie 5407 debajo de la caja. Agradecere a cualquier que pueda ofrecer informacion acerca de la misma.

Aquí les presento una bicicleta que me ha dado muchas satisfacciones.

2012-12-30 21.11.13

  • Cuadro Hispano France Talle 56. Estimo que de la década del 70. Con nro de serie grabado debajo de la caja y sellado.
  • Llantas Vuelta
  • Stem y forma Catalano Competición de aluminio.
  • Shifters Gian Robert
  • Descarrillador delantero y pata de cambios Gian Robert. 10 Velocidades.
  • Plato y Palancas Giorgia Competición.
  • Asiento Colner.
  • Cubiertas Continental Ultra Race

2012-07-28 20.09.24

2012-08-02 15.23.08

2012-12-29 13.45.45

2012-12-29 13.45.30

2012-12-29 13.45.02

Las calcos las hice hacer nuevamente, aquí les dejo una imágen para mandarlas a imprimir. Si las necesitan en mas alta resolución me las piden.

calcosOk, ok, para todos los que me pidieron las imagenes en alta resolucion, las pueden descargar aqui.