Elasticsearch and Kibana on EMR Hadoop cluster

If you need to add Elasticsearch and Kibana on EMR, please have a look to this post I have written for Amazon AWS:


It contains all the steps to launch a cluster and perform the basic testings on both tools.

Additionally, here you will find the source code for the bootstrap actions used to configure Elasticsearch and Kibana on the EMR Hadoop cluster:


Versión en Español

Si necesitas Elasticsearch y Kibana instalado en un cluster  EMR, por favor, mira esta publicacion que he escrito para Amazon AWS:


Contiene todos los pasos para crear un cluster y realizar las pruebas basicas en las dos herramientas.

Adicionalmente, aqui encontraras el codigo fuente para las bootstrap actions que uso para instalar Elasticsearch y Kibana en el EMR Hadoop cluster.



3 thoughts on “Elasticsearch and Kibana on EMR Hadoop cluster

  1. Hi there,

    I’m interested in using these bootstrap scripts for AWS EMR 4.x and 5.0, but it appears they only support AMI version 3.x. Do you know if it’s possible to run these scripts on later versions of EMR, or how to get Elasticsearch and Kibana installed manually?


    • Hi,
      Yes, I have bootstrap actions for EMR 4.X and 5.x
      Please use these:
      Both should work on 4.x and 5.x
      Let me know if you experience any issues.

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