Hive: Extracting JSON fields

Handling JSON files with Hive is not always an easy task.

If you need to extract some specific fields from a structured JSON, we have some alternatives:

There are two UDF functions that are usually helpful on this cases: ‘get_json_object’ and ‘json_tuple’. These functions allows you to access json fields from Hive without installing additional libraries.



To navigate JSON structure with get_json_object, the entire JSON file has to be mapped as string.

As example:

1) Create the external table as string:

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE json_table (str string) LOCATION 's3://mybucket/input/jsonserde' ;

2) select field[0] from store.fruit field:

select get_json_object(json_table.str, '$.store.fruit\[0]') as MyField from json_table;

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