Raspberry Pi + Java R2D2 Robot – Part 1

This project was born as a Coronavirus project for my kids (you know how difficult could be to have your kids all day at home… oh school: please come back, we forgive you!)

On this post we cover the initial steps, including the full platform/chassis running, commanded by a Raspberry Pi and some Java code.

On this video we can see the chassis running:

The body of the R2D2 will be a 12″ cardboard tube from Home Depot. The chassis aluminum flat bars are also from HD:

2020-04-18 10.16.05

R2D2 head will be molded from a balloon, newspaper paper and paste (flour + water):

2020-04-18 11.46.58

Chassis design:

2020-04-18 11.47.28

Cutting, drilling and assembling:

2020-04-18 12.28.45

2020-04-18 12.34.452020-04-18 12.53.332020-04-18 12.57.15

This is how the chassis will fit into the tube:

2020-04-18 12.46.53


2020-04-18 13.09.55-4

Wheels in place:

2020-04-18 14.02.44

Preliminary setup and code testing:

2020-04-18 14.13.242020-04-19 11.05.302020-04-19 12.09.46-22020-04-19 12.09.46

Final assembly of the chassis:

2020-04-19 12.42.58

We are using two separate battery packs: one for the raspberry and a second one (more amps and 12V) for the motors and the L298n motor driver:2020-04-19 13.02.19

To be continued…..

2020-04-19 18.24.02

Part 2 is available here: https://vivani.net/2023/03/06/raspberry-pi-java-r2d2-robot-part-2/


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